• What happens at Startup Jam Sessions?

Whether the event happens online or offline, it typically consists of the following parts:

  • In three short 20 minute sessions you are paired with 4-8 other aspiring entrepreneurs and a mentor. In these sessions, all participants pitch their idea in an elevator pitch (more below), the mentor selects one idea and this idea is then presented in more detail for 3-4 minutes. The other participants ask questions, challenge and develop the idea, give feedback - you JAM together
  • Then, we come back to a common room with all participants and we do a quick fire round of Needs & Leads. Quickly state what you do and what you are looking for
  • Last formal part of the session is a feedback round for us - so we can continously improve the format

If it's an offline event, typically there will be a designated place to go for drinks and snacks afterwards for everyone that's interested to continue the discussion.

If it's an online event, we typically stay in the Zoom room for an open ended discussion.

  • What my pitch should include?

Every great product is born as an answer to these questions: "What's the problem and are you solving it?" ... Considering this, your pitch should:

  • Clearly state the problem you focus on
  • Discribe your solution
  • Not be longer than three sentences
  • How can I contact you?

It is great to know you want to know us better! Here is our email: info@startupjam.io